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To provide accessible, affordable and high quality living spaces through manufactured and modular housing. In Lanzola we believe that everyone should have a great place to live and a legacy to leave their children.

We are an Austin based company focused on the development of affordable housing communities. We use professional construction methods, complying with official regulations without cutting corners. This guarantees a great community that sets new industry standards.

Affordability is a top priority, which is why we offer financing or leasing options that are accessible for our clients. Whether it is a land lease community or a land sale community, we establish HOA (Home Owners Association) to supervise and enforce continuous quality and order throughout its lifetime.

  • Quality Construction

  • Affordable Financing or Leasing

  • Clean and Orderly Communities

  • Home Owners Association

  • Great Place for your Family


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Lanzola is constantly developing new projects and opportunities for stable and interesting returns for our investors. With both long term cashflow projects or short term returns and different risk profiles, we have the right investment product for you.